Our Future Home - Steeldust Meadows

These are pictures from November of 2006. Click on the photos to get bigger ones at better resolution.

November 21st - The Central Alberta Rural Electrification Association comes in and we finally get electricity.
Electricity finally That's a big auger All done by day's end
November 18th - The ground is frozen solid and I needed a pick axe to dig the trench for underground electrical cable. Once that was done, Tracy pounded in some rebar and we poured our final bit of concrete.
Trenching Cable Trenching Cable Trenching Cable Tracy pounding rebar Our final bit of concrete

November 11th - We get our horse waterer installed. Also the line is dug in from the well and our septic tank is installed.
Horse Waterer Horse Waterer Outlet from our pump in the barn Septic Tank and hookup

November 5th, 2006 - We get our first window in and latter in the day get all windows done. A local hawk comes to visit and I finish squaring off the top of the posts.
Our first window All windows are done A local hawk A local hawk A local hawk A local hawk A local hawk A local hawk Squaring the top on a post
October, 2006
September, 2006